Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Coincidence!

This is the day...I rejoice in all the goodness of the LORD

..his provisions and the dear people who have trusted him as their LORD and SAVIOUR and encourage us over the years.

Each year I plan a ladies luncheon at my church. We don't usually honor one person, just a nice time to get together for fellowship and we also do a gift exchange. No one knows who brought what gift and thus ALL the gifts are from a "sister in the LORD". However, this year it was the birthday of a very dear sweet..FAITHFUL..lady in our church who just turned 70 years old. We decided this was the year to honor one person!


As I began to plan the luncheon; I wanted to use a heart theme but did not want it to look like a holiday (Valentines) and as I looked over a friends scrap booking catalog I saw a card with pink, brown and pomegranate (burgundy) and thought that would make a nice combination and the pink for the hearts.

It'll work.

One year was a Ladies "TEA"...and subsequently thereafter a TEA as well...this year I remembered my old (24yr old) BROWN TEA POT. I can use that with some flowers for my main table.

It'll work.

A young woman in our church donated 60 boxes shaped like Hearts!...but oh they were UGLY...oh my! HELP! my scrap booking friend ....said she could try covering them... I suggested we spray paint them... she then could cover the top with the papers I liked.

It'll work.

I needed something for each place setting besides the box. I have an idea! Does she know someone who can make jewelery...a simple black rope with a silver heart? She asked her sister..and yes.

It'll work.

I found some cute brown and pink Polka dot ribbon...that I can use with the scrap booking papers....I used these papers for the program also with the ribbon...for the verse table...the flower arrangements.

It'll work.

As I spoke with a friend about the old brown teapot, she said..

"well, you know that is a famous English Teapot called .....THE BROWN...BETTY"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing

BROWN BETTY....are you serious?!"

This year...the one year we decide to honor someone..her name is BETTY...this year I decide to use of all colors BROWN...this year my OLD teapot would be used...to my SURPRISE! PERFECT....

I asked my Pastor about the "coincidences" which I don't believe in...

he said the LORD knows your heart and desires and well....you know...HE JUST KNOWS!

The luncheon was a lovely surprise to Betty and my story about the Brown Betty touched everyone's heart.

We each opened our heart boxes to find a lovely handmade necklace as a reminder.

and we did shew forth all his marvelous works in testimonies about sweet Betty over her 30 years at our church. A truly virtous woman and dear friend.