Monday, June 9, 2008

Kind Hearts Support our Troops

This is the day....I rejoice in the compassion of others. Surely GOD has put within our hearts that need to reach out and care. People we may have never met...and this is what has blessed me this week.

I belong to an online Quilting Forum ... almost 3 years now. A secure forum that is by invitation. I have only met in person two of these ladies. All total some 50 or so I think. In the 3 years we have exchanged Quilting ideas..teaching one another...hints..techniques and even block swaps.

We make a block with a partner and she makes the same; we mail it to each other and surprised by the fabrics chosen. I have 12 from a previous block swap and can now make myself a "friendship" quilt. The blocks have their forum names and the places they live written on the fronts. Women from all walks of life...some young, some middle aged and some elderly... Quilting newbies...and experienced. Some in America and some abroad.

We have gotten to know each other in personal ways as well...grandchildren born..weddings..prayer request and even one of our dear sweet members died of Cancer last year. We felt so close to her...a friend.

And this past week...these dear ladies got together through correspondence and decided to help me make my son Charlie a quilt for his return home from Iraq. I had mentioned after making the mini (see post below) I'd like to make him a larger throw.

To my surprise...Patriotic Blocks started arriving in my mail box! First there were 3and I thought .." Oh how nice of these ladies"....then the next day 9 came and the next day 13!! My husband had come in from the mailbox with his arms full of packages. I was truly overwhelmed...and cried. The ANGEL block shown is one of many that show the time and heart put into making these. This particular block is paper pieced and very small pieces make up this 9 1/2 " block. She has also hand embroidered the eyes and crown.

Each had a card tucked inside with words of support for my son serving his country...and some from other countries wanting to express their support! Canada, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom... Words expressing their hopes of his safe return and one in particular said she named my son by name each day for God's care upon him.

Overall now I have 40 blocks.. of all different designs...stunning works of art and talent.

So now...I have a QUILT to make! I will be starting on it next week after purchasing some fabric for the sashings, cornerstones and backing. Sashing is what joins the other blocks. I plan to use black and will give it a Military Honor look...kind of like the men in their Dress Blues.

I thanked the LORD for bringing these ladies into my life..for their kind and compassionate hearts. People out there do care...People are supporting our Troops and here is the proof!

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I know this quilt is going to be gorgeous!
What a blessing these women have been; it was so sweet of them to do this. It's also good to see so many people supporting our troops as they serve our country.


The quilt is so pretty and so thoughtful of these ladies. May God bless them for caring so much. I know the quilt will be wonderful when you finish. I wish those who are serving know that there are many who care so much and are so apprciative for what they and their families are going though. connie from texas