Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I recently read Deby's post on contentment of the home, at Apples Of Gold...

It reminded me of how blessed I felt at the time we moved into our present home. Almost ten years ago!

I honestly did not think I would be in this lovely home this long. People may find this statement strange..but as pilgrims and sojourners in this land...we should always be available to go where the LORD any given time.

I remember a young woman in my church saying

..."How does it feel to be spoiled?"..

I was taken back by the comment, and then replied...

"Spoiled?... no, I am very thankful and realize that I could live here only a short time and my husband be called to the mission field. Right now, I'm enjoying an answer to prayer and a blessing"

I have lived here one day at a time..and now TEN YEARS have passed. And still how thankful I am....THIS IS THE DAY..I rejoice in the blessings of this comfortable home and PEACE that dwells within because of my Saviour Jesus Christ.

At the time we thought upon moving, we went to check on qualifying for a husband was skeptic...he didn't think we'd get enough to move from our current home..but, the LORD had other plans. We not only qualified, but more than we anticipated and so we were told by the loan officer...

"GO have fun..find a nice home!"

Our present home at that time was filled with so many memories...I actually felt sad at the thought. Though small...only 1,100 sq. ft. with 5 grown children, a dog, a cat and two adults. The kitchen was so small I always planned to make a sign above the door that said

.."OCCUPANCY only one and a half people"

We have always been resourceful and my husband built nice white bunk beds for our girls with a trundle. Fortunately this house had one bedroom with access to the main bathroom by a door from their room...perfect for GIRLS! The boys room was on the other side with easy access to the main bath. The living and dining area was open so it gave more roominess. We were happy, content and making "memories"!

I remember the day we put wallpaper up in the girls room. It was so sweet...tiny flowers with a border of Victorian cottages lining the top of the room. Amazing how much bigger the room looked and the ceiling higher with the border! They loved it!

The boys room...well..BOYS! Airplane posters were allowed...and then under my youngest son's bunk he had to have USMC "stuff" we let him use his "under the bunk" spot for his own space! He eventually became that Marine he always dreamed of!

And eventually most of the kids left this by one.

The two eldest girls got married...the boys joined the military and our youngest daughter..she did come with the new house!!

Now where is this new house?

We toured around neighborhoods and saw three that we liked..and one that we dreamed to husband said

.."it'll be a miracle if we got THAT one"...

and, we did! It was of the LORD because the seller/builder had this for sale for a year and no buyers..brand new! He was going to increase the price too! but said that we could put a contract on it with the stipulation that if another buyer comes in he will sell it to them for the higher price. Okay...we'll leave it in the LORD's hands.

I believe God puts you exactly where he wants you when you yield to Him and let him lead.

During this time working with our Realtor(s) and builder, we had many opportunities to witness...we had to work with two Realtors in selling one home and purchasing another at the same time!...and that would have to work out also! all...timing!

A young couple was interested in our home for sale and just so happened to be ready when we were to close on our new home. We had a closing date set...Feb. 28th, 2000

My Realtor contacted me to say that there was some hang ups with paper work and that we might have to change the closing date...I told her just leave it for Feb. 28...if it is the LORD's will...then the paper work will come in at the right time.

She was a very nice young woman...religious..but not saved.

When the paper work was completed she called to confirm the closing date..

February 28th! I told her... "just as we prayed"

In the years we have lived here, God has opened many doors of witness with our neighbors. We keep Gospel tracts in the side table by the front door for unexpected visitors!

The beginning...mission field!

The LORD blessed us with a house 1800 sq. feet! Our youngest daughter left within the first year. But, our joys are filled when we have the opportunity to have house guest and plenty of room.

Our first year, we had a family renunion with 14 people! We'd never made it in our other house. Then there was a missionary family... brother to our dear Pam of Good News From A Far Country/blog... We had the honor of having his family stay in our home while he presented his mission work to Africa at our church.

THIS IS THE DAY...I rejoice in being able to have this home to share with others and magnify the LORD in his wonderous care and blessings.

As the verse on my entry wall declares: for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15b

(my next post we'll tour the house)


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I loved this post, and I can't wait to see the tour of your whole house!

I've always LOVED your house. I know that it's your personal touches that have made it seem so warm and loving to be in.

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

By the way..... I like your new header! :)

Deborah said...

This was a nice post. Your home looks very's the same size as ours. One day, when I get some painting done, I'll post my home too!

Daughter of the King said...

Oh this is so wonderful of your house ..
Our previous house was huge compared to what we have now, 960 square feet. We are making it work.

Your home is lovely. It looks VERY welcoming....

The reason I went with Narrow Way Cottage was two my house is very Narrow, a single wide home and then of course the scriptural reference to Narrow is the Way...

The Lord will give you a name for your home...

Look forward to the next batch of pictures, too.


This was a very moving post.

We have lived in our home since our oldest was five years old. He is now 46. It would take the Lord to move us. If we even change anything we have to answer to our Grandchildren. They like Papa and Granny's home to stay the same. It is the place they have all known since their birth. It has seen and heard a lot of things. OUr home we believe was given to us by the Lord and so therefore, we have always tried to use it to welcome all. We have been very blest here in this place and pray to be able to take our last breath here on earth here.

Thank God for our homes.

Heather said...

I LOVED this!! Your house is just lovely...I can't wait for the tour!

I love your new header as well :) Wouldn't that be a blessing to MIRL!!

Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by. May our Lord continue to bless you and your precious children!