Monday, September 8, 2008

A Love Letter

My searching could never bring me peace. The "religion" I was brought up with gave me nothing but a repetitious prayer life and redundant church service that led me nowhere.

I recall going to a different church once with a friend...and for the first time, I heard in depth about people who knew God and how he was a part of their lives! For once, I realized there was more to a church service...there was a BOOK about God that people could read for themselves!

I wanted this Book.

On one special occasion in which I was advanced in my "religion"... a gift is given by your parents. I requested a BIBLE. Much to my disappointment, I was given a little book of my religious affiliation.

I had so many questions about God, but there was no one who would take the time outside of a programed lesson, to give me assurance and hope and trust.
In my Blog...Watering Wells Of Hope... I wrote a post about Trust. Here is an excerpt of this post...


Trust~ definition: firm belief in some quality of a person, thing; hope; confidence in, rely on, believe.

A person's personal testimony is one that cannot be refuted as it is theirs/mine. One can choose to believe it or is with anything of choice in life. However, when the life reflects the depth of is more tangible and as the definition of TRUST states..we have confidence in it and there is an eventual belief of that truth.

I remember reading a statement not long ago..actually in regards to the present youth "thought" on belief... that saddened me. It isn't necessarily in regards to GOD either.

it stated: It's true... because "I" believe it. NOT I believe it.. because "IT" is true.

There can be so much personal deception here...if "I" just want to believe something..maybe because it makes me feel good, happy, sounds good etc. there is great danger in it possibly NOT being true.

But when it is TRUTH ~ definition:( facts-conformity to fact, correct, honest)...then, I can put my complete confidence in the fact, that it is indeed true..I won't have to worry about it changing how I feel or my happiness etc. because it will remain a fact and true.

The Bible verses that brings great confidence to me in regards to Truth are found in the books of

Hebrews chpt.13 verse 8.... Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day and for ever.

I Corinthians chpt. 14 verse 33... For God is not the author of confusion

and most of all...

St. John chpt. 1 verse 17..... but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

I am currently enrolled in a church history class...and it is notable that for the true facts about Jesus and others is the testimony of the enemy about them that makes it clear historical evidence of events etc. Some spoke of Christ and his Crucifixion as an event that took place...others mention names ..such as James the brother of Jesus. Confirming..Jesus did live on this earth. We even ourselves take the "testimony" in a court of law as evidence..and weigh it with facts surrounding the word of the testimony to make a judgement.

This morning (Sept. 2008) in my devotional reading of Morning and Evening by Charles H. Spurgeon...I noted this..

Spurgeon said... "redemption like creation has it's word of might"...

God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
Genesis 1:3

Jesus healed with the simple words... " I will"...and one was healed..completely! Matthew 8:3

Jesus also said.. "I am the way, the truth and the life" John 14:6

To know that there is a perfect book of God...the Holy Bible...found in the King James Version. Is a complete comfort of the truth.

Redemption is found there. It is a word of might!

Another letter for me...came by a young Christian man God brought into my life. God knew the desires of my heart.

I wanted the TRUTH. I wanted to find the way...the truth...and the life!

On the first meeting with this young man... he opened the BIBLE! His witness to me of his own life as a born again Christian so touched my heart that I wanted to hear more and more....and read more and more of God's Holy Word.

It was a loving letter...of God's love...for me.

I found I could trust this faithful Christian in his desire to give me hope and assurance about God's love and redemption for my sins. Because he used God's WORD to show me the way.

I found I could trust...GOD.

Jeremiah 29:13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

God is not the author of confusion. God's promises are sure and he said he will show us the way...and he has.

His WORD is perfect.

Dear Reader...I challenge you today to compare your version with the KJV. All other versions are "missing" verses...words! WHY?

People still read Shakespeare! is it archaic? The KJV is the only BIBLE that has sold more than any book has no copyright and is freely read.

I also challenge you to a search of the truth... Gail Riplinger has several resource's at her website... that will truly guide you into the truth of this issue. On the right side bar of this site is an example to read by clicking chpt. previews of NKJV error.

If you were to hand God the KJV today and ask him to "correct" you honestly believe he would! and go against His own character of faithfulness and truth to all generations.

His WORD says...Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day and for ever! Hebrews 13:8

Psalm 12:7 Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

He is faithful. Always, remember GOD is faithful, just and of truth.

In my search and emptiness of a father....I found the greatest Father of all

The Lord, my Saviour and my God.

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort.. II Corinthians 1:3

My empty void was filled now with love...assurance...and trust.

As God changed Sarai to Sarah...meaning "Princess". I became a princess too.

When I trusted Christ as my Saviour...I received a new name that day.

I belong to him....He is mine and I am His.


Deborah said...

Another good source for KJV info is Samuel Gipp. He once went through a list of words used in new versions and compared them with what the KJV used. The words in KJV were far simpler to much for using 'archaic' as an excuse! The King James Bible is said to be written at a grade 5 reading level.
Great post!

HOPE said...

Amen Deb...I am familiar with Bro. Gipp also.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hope,
You might like to visit my blog to read a little exciting news.
Have a great day,
hugs Sandra nz

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Great post! What a loving God to give us such a perfect, personal, love letter.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Hope......and thank you for your award! I too, am so blessed having your friendship.
Have a wonderful day, as I know I shall!
hugs Sandra nz

~~Deby said...

I so agree with this. We have
*tried* going to churches that didn't hold to this belief, as the KJB being a final authority for today, ERROR did not work. Great post...

Joyfulsister said...

What a beautiful testimony and post my sistah!! And the scriptures not only spoke to my heart but I was blessed as well. Thank you for sharing this with us today.You have such a sweet sweet spirit and you always leave a smile on face when you come to visit, Thanks Hope, continue to allow the Lord to use as he is doing, I know he is pleased!!

Hugz Lorie