Monday, April 6, 2009

If you want to be distressed..
If you want to be defeated...
If you want to be distracted..
If you want to be dismayed...

If you want to be DELIVERED

Many years ago I wrote this on the front page of my Bible as a reminder to not let these things hinder my walk with the LORD. I could write so much about each of these listed..but I think it best for you dear reader to think upon these yourself and let the LORD speak to your heart.

As I began to read once again a wonderful book....Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret... I was blessed with these words on the first page...

Bear not a single care thyself,
One is too much for thee;
The work is Mine, and Mine alone;
Thy work- to rest in ME.


As a born again believer...I have the choice to trust. Have I not already trusted Christ for my very souls eternity! and can I not trust him for each days care?

Oh, dear one...think upon these phrases...ponder them in your heart and have faith.

Enough that God my Father knows:-
Nothing this faith can dim.
He gives the very best to those
Who leave the choice to Him.


We thank Thee, Lord, for pilgrim days
When desert springs were dry,
When first we knew what depths of need
Thy love could satisfy.


Oh how I have found this true in my life...
the desert spring when dry...
HIS love indeed did satisfy!

The SEASONS of our life...

EACH must be seen as the time for which it is purposed.

The deliverance is there...if we just...



Pam--in Estonia said...

Excellent post, HOPE!

Sharon said...

So true, Hope! If we would just put all our trust in HIM, the stress would flee. In these days, it's good to constantly remind ourselves and each other of HIS FAITHFULNESS.

Aliene said...

Hope, Glad you got a laugh about the jammim. I did not know if anyone would catch it. As far as the recipe I got a box of fruit pectin or surejell and just followed the directions on the box. I put the pectin in (1 cup)whatever juice you have. I used red cool aid. Let it comes to a boil and boil for i minute. Put 3
and 1/2 cuts of sugar in it and stir real good. Then add strawberries and come to boil again. Ladle into jars or containers for the freezer.

I add a little oleo to the and 1 teaspoon to the mixture. This keeps the foam down. Tricks of the trade.

Now go do a little jammim yourself.
If you see Ramblin roads on the comment, that is my niece. She posted a picture of my Mom with strawberries. If you have e-mail just e-mail me at

Maxine said...

These are all so true. Well worth pondering. Trying to rest in Him, though I don't always do too well. Blessings for your Easter!

Under Southern Skies said...

That was such an encouragement! Thank you!

Joy said...

I came upon your blog via 'Greatful Heart...'. I had the same thought recently that you have had; If I trust Christ for my salvation, why am I having so much trouble trusting him to take care of me today and in the future? Sound like I need to 'snap out of it', right? Right. Thanks for your blog, quite inspiring. I'll be taking a look around.