Thursday, July 2, 2009

In the beginning...

The letter "T" is quite significant in the very beginning of the Bible...The King James Bible

As I continue with my thoughts on the book "In Awe of Thy Word"..again with permission from the author G.A. Riplinger. I want to share with you some gleanings from this marvelous book that reveals the true majesty of the King James Bible.

My heart literally aches when I think of the many versions out there that take away from this most glorious book that GOD has preserved without error. Truly GOD is who he says he is!!

Would we dare question GOD in His perfection? Do we question WHY He made the human eye as he did...and suggest maybe HE could have done it this way?! Oh my!!

HIS WORD (not man's) is our life... HE is the sustainer of LIFE... because he is LIFE!

In the beginning was the WORD, and the Word was with God, and the WORD was God.
John 1:1

It is so amazing to read of the perfection in His Word! I can't emphasis important it is to search out this matter diligently. I can only speak from experience...of reading first hand the evidence and also knowing beforehand by the testimony of The WORD itself to my own spirit, that it is in it's purest form; with no corrections needed.

(imagine as I hope to do one day...write a book...and someone ELSE tell the, she meant this or that.) Hello.. it's MY testimony!!!

God does exhort in His STUDY it...SEARCH it...

Now lets just glean a little .... LETTERS in the King James Bible

(from G. A. Riplinger's book...In Awe of Thy Word)

The letter Tt

The meanings of the letters and sounds are taught in their first usage in Genesis.

The letter "t" is a picture of a pointer stick. The first usage of the letter "t" in Genesis is the pointer word "the"

"t" means "from there to here"

(from the bottom point to the top point or vice versa)

This definition is given in the second usage of the letter "t" in the word "t here" in Gen. 1:3

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

"I am the....Truth (John 14:6)

The "t" is a picture of the "I am" crossing earth's horizon-line. Jesus Christ bridged the gap, "from hell to heaven" when "The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree" (Acts 5:30) The "t" with its trunk and two branches, pictures the vertical "tree" of the knowledge of good and evil, the tree of life and the cross of Calvary. (Gen. 2:9). The t points to heaven.

*my note here...the #5 in the KJV is very significant in number...5 will be either referring to death or grace or both. Read my story at Watering Wells Of Hope and you will find how very very true this number is in our own lives!!!

Genesis 2 and 3 continue pointing with "toward," "this," "these," "they," "thou," and "them." Single stick pronouns, such as "thy," "thou," "thine," and "thee," are singular.
Objects move "from there to here" with a "touch" and are "taken." "(T)horns" and "thistles" point out and touch you.

Words go "from here to there" as they are "told."

"Time" moves "from one point to another" and "from now to then" with "til," "thence" and "then."

Linear Bible objects include the "tower", "table", "tablet," "tares,"....

Communication is from a "teacher" to each person.

To leave the straight path of "truth" is to "transgress" from "here to who-knows-where."

This book is available at

I sincerely hope that this post will be of help to many in confusion or in question of Which Bible is God's HOLY WORD.

If you were a NEW Christian and walked into a Christian Book Store and asked for A you realize how many versions are out there!?

"How about this one...or this one..or that one...CONFUSION!"

A new Christian should be able to walk into a "Christian" book store and ask for a Bible and the worker say...Oh YES... and hand them ONE VERSION PERFECT IN ITS ENTIRE...

and GOD said....

Psalm 12:7 Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

THIS IS THE DAY....I humbly thank the LORD for HIS precious WORD...for revealing Himself in such a personal way... That we may know HIM.


Under Southern Skies said...

Amen! These are some thought provoking insights...thank you for sharing!

~~Deby said...

great post from another Riplinger fan....and also a lover of our *PERFECT* King James Bible the ONLY WORD of GOD

Debbie said...

It doesn't surprise me that you got so few responses on this post. Most professing Christians don't have a clue what you're talking about or they disagree. I do know and agree with you. I believe that man's 'versions' are Satan's greatest deception against the church. It breaks my heart to see this go on and to be called 'devisive' because I don't believe in changing God's word. Hey, He's the one that said it, not me! But His word has been changed; the doctrines literally changed with modern versions. Yet I'm told it isn't so. I think we've lost the battle, and I grieve for the current and future generations who will no longer know the truth.