Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet "Tweets" of Life

THIS IS THE DAY....I'm thanking the LORD for the "sweet" creation he's made for us to enjoy!!

This little chickadee family and friends come to visit often, now that I finally found what seeds the squirrels will not eat up before the birds...or destroy my bird feeders! I like squirrels a distance!!

I have owned so many bird feeders it isn't funny...but, now with these seeds that the squirrels don't like...I have wonderful daily visits now from my little sweet friends.

As I've stood out in my yard..yes, chirping...they try to get as close as they peek! I love it!

And then there are the flock of geese that flew into my neighbors yard! I could only get close enough to these two scurrying along!

I've never been a bird fan to keep them in cages...enjoying them outdoors is much more entertaining as you watch them freely come and go and sing to their hearts content!

Song of Solomon 2:12 The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land...


Joy said...

Hi HOPE, what type of bird is that in the 3rd photo? The red birds? Actually my husband feeds corn to our squirrels---they are fat! And I stand outside and make squirrel noises to them. They come around the side of the tree and stare at me... They also sound the alarm when a cat comes in our yard---stalking our beloved birds! I know that's my clue to go out and chase the cat away!

~~Deby said...

oh..these are great pictures...what a neat variety.
I am bird phobic, in person--to keep in cages and I would never hold one etc...the pigeons in Venice Italy, drove me crazy
I love and enjoy them from a distance....
I just love watching things like this too.

Diary of an army wife said...

what a cute little bird? Do you have any bird watching books? We've gotten a couple from the library so we could learn the names of all the birds that come in our yard or we see hiking!

Liz said...

Hi Hope,
Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. Your blog is delightful! My husband feeds the birds at our house. I'm so glad he does! :) Really awesome photos!


Maxine said...

I agree with you. I enjoy them so much more out in their environment. I had thought of not feeding them during the summer, but I knew I would miss them and then, I enjoy it so much when they bring their babies.

Saleslady371 said...

Your pics are gorgeous. I'm a lover too of outside birds!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hope,
what pretty birds~
Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to be back blogging again. i pray you have been well.
hugs Sandra nz