Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Blessed Day

THIS IS THE DAY...I was BLESSED with the wonderful fellowship of very sweet being my very BESTEST of friends, SUE. She is a Missionary to Papua New Guinea; home on furlough. Her daughter Missy, whom I blogged about recently invited us all to a very quaint ADORABLE Tea Parlor in a neighboring town. Along with us were two other young women from my church and also a couple of "little" darlings who had never been to TEA before.


I captured the most precious photos of the little ones "DRESSING UP" for tea. The Tea Parlor had a dresser filled with hats, necklaces, scarves and gloves.

It was so cute to watch how much they enjoyed being FEMININE! A LADY!

They giggled and posed very graciously for me...being the LADIES that they wanted to be...for the time any way!!

I loved seeing these two "Girlfriends" have such fun together since Missy's daughter will be leaving one day for the mission field with her parents. THIS DAY..for them..made memories!! One day, they will look over the photos with precious thoughts of a Special Day.

The lunch was WONDERFUL. A full TEA. I love Peach tea so that was my choice..however, before leaving home I purchased a nice lime green tea tin of Rooibus Berries and Cream TEA...YUMMY! I so enjoy a nice flavored tea. I need to watch my caffeine and since this is caffeine free...all the more to enjoy! The place was so enjoyable with it's whimsical decor.

The fun of visiting Tea Houses is the different decor used by each individual owner. This owner chose the Spring colors of pinks, and greens...whilst I have been to others that are of a Victorian Era and warm settings. Both very charming.

This photo is my favorite...just TWO BEST me and Sue. I can imagine this being us when we were little...we've been friends for over 35 years...raised our children together, taken vacations together...cried together..prayed together. "BEST FRIENDS"

Iron sharpeneth iron;so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17

THIS IS THE DAY...we sharpened the countenance of one another, with the joys of Christian Friendship and the sweet testimonies of faith shared by each.



~~Deby said...

This is my kind of a treat !!1..I adore things like this, places like this...and sweet friendship and fellowship..I share your joy through the great pictures....
I too love Rooibos tea...your blend sounds tasty !!!

Kelly Johnson said...

What a beautiful place and wonderful pictures! So glad you were able to spend some time with your best friend and others! I love going for tea!!

Keith & Julie Loveless said...

Looks like so much fun! This would be the kind of place my girls would love in a few years! I'm so glad that you've had a good time.

I will be posting later about how God has worked in our life and ministry. Last night the people of Victory Baptist Church in Kenora, Ontario voted unanimously to have my husband come as their pastor. We will be moving there the beginning of May. Please keep us in prayer for a house and that we will raise the rest of the support we need to go. God is so good!

Deborah said...

Beautiful pictures! Maybe one day my little Princess and I will visit a tea room together. With a house full of boys, there's not much 'feminine' in this house!

Anonymous said...

What joy! The Lord has provided such a friendship dear friend.

The setting is just perfect for an afternoon of beautiful fellowship and scrumptious food :)

Thank you for taking us along dear friend,


Sharon said...

What a sweet place for the girls! It sounds like you all had a fun time together!

Abounding Treasures said...

I would love a place like this but alas, nothing like it anywhere in the area I live.

You must have all had such a wonderful time ~ your photos of the place as well as the little ones all dressed up were wonderful to see :o)

Maxine said...

That sounds so delightful! What a precious looking place and there is nothing I love more than seeing little girls playing dress up. There is nothing like a good old fashioned tea party. Glad you got to spend that time with your friend.

Joy said...

Oh HOPE, how pretty! I am so glad you had a wonderful time, the place is beautiful. I love tea rooms with just the ladies. We had a tea room in our town, but alas... not enough business, so it is no more. Me and my girl friends tried to keep it open! It's so refreshing to meet with 'the girls'.


Hope, I so enjoyed going to "tea" through your eyes and feelings. It was so wonderful. I love "tea" things. I have always wanted to go to "tea." Never have had the opportunity. I played "tea Party" with all my Granddaughters. I have tea pots galore, Maybe one day a real tea party will be a part of my life but until then, I so enjoyed yours, dear friend. love you, connie

Parsley said...

The photos are just precious! Reminds me of having tea with my daughter and Mary Poppins at Disneyland long ago.

I enjoyed stopping by your blog. Especially seeing your dog. I'm a little dog crazy...with 6 of my own!

Anonymous said...

Hi there dear Hope,
Just wanted to stop by and say hi to you. I have missed visiting with you. I haven't updated my blogs since before Christmas and I am missing everyone so need to resume my blogging again soon. I pray the Lord be with you. Hugs and blessings Sandra nz

J.H said...

hope, I love your house and your tea set... they are so shabby and chic :-)
Glad you have a great fellowship time. Having a Godly friend is God's way of taking care of us.

LDH said...

Precious post!

As We Sail... said...

this is sweet

Sandra said...

Well, Hope. I've read about a half dozen of your posts on your various blogs, and I think maybe we were meant to meet. I see so many ways that we have similar experiences. Marine mothers, etc.

But this particular post made me think of one I did about a month ago about taking three of my granddaughters to a tea room, and making hats for them to wear out of wrapping paper. You might enjoy making those for your granddaughters sometime!

Thanks for "finding" me! I'll be back. :)