Monday, May 3, 2010

...a small reward...

My husband and I have had a nursing home ministry for well over eight years now; visiting every Monday with a song service and preaching. It's "church" for many of them.

Today was one of those days that brought a small reward that makes the heart full.

We watch our elderly congregants from week to week and year to year come and go...either by moving to another facility or by death. It is hard to loose one of our dear sweet friends. Most of them...say they are SAVED! Due to their elderly years...I suspect...many are of the OLD PATHS!

(NOT old fashioned..but of the RIGHT WAYS of GOD!)

They KNOW whom they have believed in!!

It is always such a joy to watch them nod their heads in agreement to my husband's preaching. Several, afterwards while shaking hands comment on the blessing of hearing it straight! AMEN.

Don't think these elderly in nursing homes don't know what is going on..THEY DO!

Many times when you think they are not paying attention...suddenly they all giggle at something my husband says that is funny....or if he reflects on the foolishness of our youth..they all remark with ~sighs~ of complete understanding.

...and then there are days when some are not okay, they seem so distant and failing.

One lady whom I will call "Lily" gave us a sweet small reward today.

Often this lady is lethargic and many times falls asleep...whether there is singing or preaching. Not long ago, I was afraid her time was near; she seemed to be getting much more lethargic.

I wanted to call her Lily for as I looked up information on a Water Lily I found that this plant...very pretty white against the green pad (it's leaves) goes dormant. Just like my Ms. Lily...she must have gone dormant for a while...lethargic and sleeping...but TODAY...much to our surprise and pleasure..she began toe tapping to the music!

We were singing several hymns when I noticed her right foot keeping perfect time! Her eyes were closed as she drew in each word and musical note. Just as a flower soaks up the dew of the morn...or the water from beneath it's leaves as the Water Lily. She was being refreshed...alive!

After our service...I approached her and said..."I saw you tapping your foot to the song!"...with her sweet eyes looking upward and a bright smile...she responded..


What joy it brought to my heart to know that TODAY made such a difference in her life...her moment of peaceful pleasure in the songs of faith and preaching of God's Word.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your heart to the LORD. Colossians 3:16

A small reward...worth every week...and year we have come to visit...HER!



Pam--in Estonia said...


Anonymous said...


And Col 3:16 is one of my favorite Bible verses. (o:

Quilting with Jannette said...

Knowing that you're touching people even when they don't seem to be aware is what keeps us doing a ministry like this as well. I still think we're being blessed as much as the residents are!

J.H said...

my tears nearly fell reading this. Our church has a similar ministry, which unfortunately only can run once a month. May God bless you and your husband even further as you serve Him.

Abounding Treasures said...

What a joyful blessing that must have been to your hearts, just as you and your husband singing and preaching God's Word must be to these dear souls every week!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a blessing....and what a lovely blog...Stopping by to say Happy Mother's Day...
Have a few hours to blog hop and nothing makes me happier.
I have a GREAT GIVEAWAY that I will be drawing for on Sunday night.

Carol Flett said...

Bless you for this.
We also go to a home near us once a month with our 2 young grandchildren who sing the old choruses for the residents. The kids love it because they can feel the love of these wonderful people.

Joy said...

Wonderful story, Hope. You and your husband are such a blessing to those people. God will reward you for your selfless love and care for them. You are a great lady.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I just found your blog...
Thanks for the post about Nursing Homes...
My husband and I and some of our children go each Sunday afternoon to sing and preach.
It really is a Blessing...
you are right about the residents "moving" is always a sad thing.
But, if they know Jesus, then we will see them again someday.
Thanks again,
aka Mommy 2