Monday, June 21, 2010 heart is full as I think upon the loss my dear sweet daughter in law has experienced this past week. Her father was tragically killed..suddenly..without warning. I cannot imagine the ache in her heart..and yet she showed herself strong while I was with her.

As the above verse states...the LORD Jesus...HE IS OUR STRONG HOLD.

I think upon the many trials in my own life where I needed that strong hold...and He was indeed mine as well, as I put my trust in HIM.

My son thankful I am...that HE showed himself strong..for her. At such a needful time of comfort..her own husband, strong in faith.

We don't always understand what happens...but GOD is perfect as are HIS ways.

As I looked at my two precious twin grandsons just three weeks timely that GOD allowed my son and daughter in law to be BLESSED in such a sweet way and to have this comfort of love in the midst of trial.

GOD knows...she brought them into the world with her Father nearby to share in a memory she will always cherish. Photos she can share with her children.

The LORD is good...he gives GRACE and Strength in time of need.

As we continue on in our days...of prayer and courage...

May the LORD Jesus be Glorified and HIS manifold Graces revealed.

(thank you so very much to all of you who have left comforting words and prayer)




Debbie said...

I am indeed sad for your DIL. I'm so glad that she has a christian family to support her during this difficult time.

~~Deby said...

I will pray for everyone that has been impacted by this...oh what peace to know that our Lord is their in the midst of our sadness and grief...I am glad they had you there..

Domestically Inclined said...

Praying for inner strength that can only come from our loving God.

Joy said...

Sweet babies--and they will be a great comfort in the days, months, years ahead for your DIL, her mother, and all family members who have been touched by this tragedy. This reminds me of a very similar event in my life when my daughter was born.

Perspective said...

Somehow, I am just reading this. Thank you for posting it and providing such support and encouragement and prayer.