Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Health Awareness!

I've been dealing with a lot of health issues this year and wanted to share some important information with my readers. In hopes that it might relieve you of some stress and anxiety in trying to determine your health needs.

So oft we put off going to the doctor thinking...."OH, IT's JUST MY AGE"!!

I've learned otherwise!!!

For information on BREAST CANCER you can visit HERE post tell of my journey with Breast Cancer that began last December with God's gracious care and intervention.

As then in God's intervention...I also have found out I have Hypothyroidism.

This is an ANSWER to prayer!! sounds strange doesn't it??

THIS IS THE DAY...I thank the LORD for HIS intervention.

I've suffered from fatigue for YEARS...never finding the exact cause...and then finally just leaving it to my AGE and the Radiation treatments I finished this past April.

But, with it's lingering affects...I became desperate for ANSWERS!!

Frustrated at not having the energy on some days to do ANYTHING! This is NOT me!!!

I prayed and prayed...(God knows the timing..for whatever purpose..we WAIT on HIM!)

On one particular day...I began to have more swelling in my feet than usual (from my Blood Pressure) and my eyes were puffy (chalked it up to my allergies)...but I also began having NUMBNESS in my arms, hands and legs.

ALSO a WARNING...DO NOT LET YOUR RX run out on a weekend!! and especially a HOLIDAY weekend..which I did. Over the fourth of July I absentmindedly let my RX run out and of all times...needed the doctors okay to refill...

Okay..I've gone without my BP meds a couple days before...but not FIVE! By the fifth day...and hoping that my RX was available...I began to have marked swelling in my feet and as I was shopping that day felt unusually BLAU...let alone have a major hot flash. ALARM...I decided to go check my blood pressure in the pharmacy section of the store.

173/? I can't even remember...I just remember seeing 173 and OH MY!

I headed straight for my doctors office..and thankfully was seen within the hour with no appointment made! UNUSUAL!!!

My doctor accessed my problems...refilled my RX, did a EKG and X-ray to rule out any heart problems..she also had me do some blood work.

I did not request a THYROID check...but thank the LORD ...SHE DID! problem...THYROID. She immediately started me on a low dose Synthroid, until we know my proper dosage. I will be checked again in a month to evaluate the dosage I need to keep a proper balance of the Thyroid Hormone in my body.

The Thyroid regulates all the functions in your body!

Liken your body to a automobile needing gas and start the engine to keep the fuel line going so that all the other parts do their job!

The Hormones work to tell each part what to do.

The Thyroid has hormones called T4 and T3 these work together to regulate your system.

The TSH is the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone that signals cells to release more Thyroid hormone into the bloodstream. Certain cells in the body convert to T4 or T3.

(read more about this at the link I've provided)

When I looked up the symptoms..I was amazed ..I had them ALL!!

I have requested test for my Thyroid for years (my mom and sister take Thyroid meds) and nothing ever showed up. The report on this site also states this very thing happening to people. This is why it is so important to watch for the symptoms and have blood work.

I did some research online and found an excellent site with the link here..

The American Thyroid Association RECOMMENDATION for women 35 yrs. and older: Get a Thyroid blood test every 5 years. Most women more so after 50.

Even children and infants can be affected with Thyroid problems. I wonder now how many children are suffering from this and the parents are unaware of the problem and thinking their child is lazy!!

Some of the symptoms are as follows;

Inability to tolerate COLD
Weight gain of 5-10 pounds (unexplained) and not losing while trying!
Drowsiness-though slept all night
Muscle Aches

LATTER symptoms:
Dry, flaky skin
Hair loss
Difficulty thinking
Numbness of arms, legs
Puffy face-eyes

There is a greater chance of THYROID problems in people with Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

NOTE: I am wondering now if my Hormone Therapy I had been on for 25 years was not masking my Thyroid deficiency. Upon my Breast Cancer diagnosis..I stopped my HRT. Thus, over time revealing a HORMONE deficiency..the THYROID hormone!

I truly pray this is a help to someone. I know had I realized the extent of the symptoms associated with the Thyroid, I might have sough help sooner.

Blessings to all..