Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Favorite Furry Friend...

This is my GUS.

He is the most obedient pet and so much fun!

He has his own Fan club believe it or not!! Whatta DOG!

Many admirers...He's just that way. To know to love him

One character...

His eyes speak volumes...

as does the cocking of the head!! So funny.

"Can you say that again...please?"

He can catch a ball in mid air and flip around as he does it! I guess he thinks he is "Circus Dog" ??

I don't know about other Schnauzers...we did have one...a sweetie..but GUS..well he is just... One of a kind!!!

He does not let me out of his sight...what a protector and buddy.

I don't dare mention C....A....T....S use to be my favorite pet...

If you say the S word...Squirrel...he runs soooo fast it's a blurr!

One day last week...not having my glasses on yet (early let out for dog) He was just jumping to go out...
oh you saw an S...okay
...but upon letting him RUN...I noticed the grey blurr was a poor grey tiger Kitty!!! I was yelling..
...he made up the fence as one HUGE FUR BALL..whew. Relief. He looked like he hit an electrical wire!!!

Gus is adventurous so I know there will be more post about him in the future.

What kind of pet do you have?

THIS IS THE DAY...I appreciate God's sweet creations, that bless us in numerous ways. Gus has helped me in many a lonely moment. He's just there.



Debbie said...

I have a little Australian Shepherd. Ok, not so little, more like medium. About 45 lb. But he and Gus sound a lot alike. Please tell me, exactly what kind of dog Gus is. Beau just turned 7 and we are thinking of getting a second dog. He is a cutie and I like his style.

Joy said...

I am one of Gus's faithful and admiring fans! He's pawsitivly AWESOME! I used to have Mini Schnauzers, but not now. They are smart little dogs. Thanks for sharing Gus--will look forward to more. said...

It was so good to see you stopped by, it has been awhile huh :)
Well I have been away awhile,to take care of myself as I go through various types of illnesses, but God is so good and continue to carry me, just as the prayers of others do too. Luv your blog. I'll keep in touch.

Hugz Lorie

Farming On Faith said...

Oh how cute.

I have Emma our dog~two cats and 11 chickens. What more could a girl ask for?

Hope you are having a great Summer!

Jessica said...

I thought I was following here already but then realized I was not! Gus is a sweetie, and yes I do make all sorts of card kits. You just let me know what you are looking for! Hope to talk to you soon!