Monday, August 1, 2011

Comments are special like you!

I thought I would take this time..THIS IS THE DAY...

to say THANK YOU to my followers who COMMENT. I'm sure with all of you that "follow" it isn't always easy to find the time to comment even though a post may be interesting...teaching something...or just plain fun to look at. I've visited some amazing QUILT sites..almost embarrassed TO comment.
(I quilt..but not like they do!!!) So, Humbly I comment.

So, how 'bout you? Is there a reason you do not comment...yet follow. Are you a continual follower or just pop in once in a while. Even those times are nice to know you visited.

I've gone to my "follower" list to visit see who you are? It would be nice to actually meet some of you that follow...with a comment!! I'd love to hear from you.

What do you think of my blog post?

Is there anything...I can post to help you...encourage you. I'd love to do that. I'd love to hear your REJOICING in the day too!

Each day is filled with the goodness of the LORD...and if you can share some in your would be wonderful to rejoice in WITH YOU!

I hope you enjoy my flowers to you...ALL.

I'm quite humbled to have the followers that I do. Whenever, I think I'm wasting my time...Someone..write the very words I needed that day. COMMENTS help as much a blog post!!

I hope to visit you...leave a HAPPY comment...and rejoice in my "FRIENDS".

HOPE...who this day rejoices in the wonderful ENCOURAGEMENT we can be to others.


Penny said...

I'm not a great writer (which is why posts on my blog are few and far between!:o)) but I love to see what others are interested in. I love to read your lessons from the Bible and your words of encouragement. Thanks for your posts!

Farming On Faith said...

Good Morning My friend!
Comments are always down in the summer. I take time to catch up and pray for you but fail to always comment for lack of time. I think I follow about 700 blogs now~ but I do check in with my favorites often. You are an inspiration to us all with your sweet testimony and faith. Keep blogging and sharing the Light!
Thank you for praying~ for Kim. She is doing well. The Doctor does believe it is cancer but that he got it all. She will have to be religious about getting scans for the next six years to make sure it does not return. God is good!

Have a blessed day!

Pam--in America said...

I try to comment on every post. If I don't leave a comment it's usually because I'm very busy (although I do read every one).

I love reading about everything that's going on in your life.... keep it coming! :o)

Debbie said...

Well you and I have actually emailed one another when you encouraged me about my daughter leaving for Japan. I enjoy your blog and talking to you. I apologize for not always leaving a comment. Things are so busy around here lately I hardly have time to post or read! I look forward to things slowing down so I can keep up with my blogging friends. I will commit to leaving a comment from now on just to let you know I was here! :D

HOPE said...

Thank you!!! So kind of you to COMMENT and let me know your thoughts. I appreciate it very much.

THANK YOU for encouraging me.

I do plan to post a little more about myself so you who do not know me...can a little better. As one shared...putting a FACE and personality with a blog does help to know them as a "FRIEND".

God bless

Deborah said...

Hello! I haven't been posting or reading much these days, but try to get around to visit when I can. Summer in Manitoba, especially this year is way too short and there's so much to do!

Joy said...

Hello HOPE... I am rejoicing that I found YOU! Also rejoicing that today is a beautiful day in NE! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on MY blog! said...

I think I have to agree with you my new friend.
I too would like to get a comment on my blog.
It is nice to know that even if my blog or art is not the best. I am worth getting a comment. If one can take time to be a member of others. Why not.

Please as she mentioned here. Take time to comment. It does not matter if your a good writer or your T's are not crossed. I am sure that everyone loves to be reconized for their blogs. I write you. I write others.

We have the Right To Write

So take a minute to show you care with a comment. We love it.