Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane SEASON

My blog title is rather unique..as I had planned to write on SEASONS of LIFE prior to this post! So timely..as this SPECIFIC SEASON is upon us..literally!

Are the Ominous Clouds billowing upon your heart this day?

I find this verse always such a comfort. I use to repeat it often to myself and my children over the years; as we watched the weather SEASON for HURRICANES. They seem to encompass all your thoughts. You plan your ESCAPE...your SUPPLIES...your cherished possessions (some are your KIDS! ;)

It certainly is a time of TRUST. Of COMPLETE trust in our GOD and the design of HIS WILL for us..for mankind. We can't possibly know his plan or reasons. In HIS time, however, he does reveal so much to us. He helps US grow in this TRUST. I have.

Many years of fear...anxiety...prayers and feeling totally helpless. GOOD.
It MADE me look unto the hills..from whence cometh MY HELP.. MY HELP IS IN THE LORD!!

Barb at Barb's Bacon Bits (why Bacon bits? ) I need to ask her..I missed something here!) Her post on TRUST is very good.


Perspective said...

Perfect timing! Nathan and I were looking in the Bible Promise Book tonight searching for something to help ease my mind...didn't quite find what I was looking for, but the verse you have here...PERFECT! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

LOL--I think Barb's blog title is 'Bakin Bits'. I always thought the 'Bakin' was southern for 'Baking'. But I guess I could be wrong. :o)

Joy said...

I need this verse ALL THE TIME! Whew! I often have times of anxiety for my future--will we be paupers?? Will I get sick?? I keep coming back to the Lord's promises--it is my only HOPE!

I just sent you a short e-mail--stay safe--don't let Irene through your front door! ;)

Maxine said...

Beautiful verse for what has been happening in our area! Wish I had seen it last week.