Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Blessing!

A WONDERFUL surprise happened to me on New Years...Sunday!

My dear friend Kelly and her husband surprised us by visiting our church!

I was soooo SURPRISED!! that my brain was having trouble processing the fact that the photos I had seen of them...was in PERSON now!! What a joyous moment when Kelly hugged me and I her!

The LORD brought our lives together through my daughter living in Okinawa Japan at the time AND a Breast Cancer Diagnosis!!

Kelly (living in Okinawa also) had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and not knowing what to expect, my daughter mentioned to her that I had at one time a lump removed. Kelly called me and from there it is History of a friendship's journey.

I have many post written about Kelly and myself at my blog Watering Wells of Hope
I also post updates on health research and cancer updates and have shared other "trials", where truly, He never leaves us nor forsakes us. His GRACE is sufficient!

It has been a two year journey so far. Kelly's much more serious and full of testimony of God's Grace at her blog Grace Upon Grace Pleae stop by her blog and read the blessings!

Both of us have seen the hand of the LORD upon our lives in this trial of Cancer.


To touch other lives...witness of His Grace...testify of our own PEACE AND COMFORT found only in the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!

Another blessing for the church...is to SEE someone you have prayed for...for so long...and see them radiantly smiling! Knowing GOD did indeed answer our prayers and gave strength to Kelly and wisdom to doctors and intervention in many needed areas of her life.

Praise the LORD for his wonderful works towards...all of us!

I thank him for the care he has shown to me, as well.

It is true..you do not know what a day brings forth...

Some the greatest surprises and blessings!!!

I am reminded again of a great quote I read:

Don't miss the journey...for the destination!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and May God grant you all joyous beginnings in this New Year full of Praises To God!!



Deborah said...

I'm so glad you were able to meet. What a wonderful start to the new year!

Kelly Johnson said...

Oh, Hope! what a sweet post! I guess we are now in the "mutual admiration club". Actually, it is the "mutual appreciation club"! I appreciate you and Praise God for His wonderful, loving, watchcare and for giving us the desires of our hearts; like meeting each other! Love you!


Hope that post was such a blessing!!! I love you two ladies so much. May this be a wonderful year for you both. connie

Joy said...

He-heee... what a fun surprise! I prayed for her too, so it's great to hear and see how well she is doing. HOPE you and The Gus-Meister have a grrrreat day! We have quite mild weather here now, but just like Cinderella, it's going to change at midnight tonight!

Barbara said...

How wonderful and a great testimony.

Anonymous said...

Mrs."Hope" :) It was so good to read your blog!! You are such a wonderful blessing and encouragement. Miss seeing you all! Hopefully we can come visit soon:) ~Sharon Aldrich