Thursday, February 2, 2012

This is the day(s) of SWEET BLESSINGS!

I've had so many BLESSINGS this January..that it will take several post to complete!!

First..THANKING THE LORD for his wondrous care and love for me..a sinner saved by HIS GRACE.

Loving Sisters in Christ who SURPRISED me for a birthday breakfast and party! My dear friend at the front of the table..SUE missionary to PNG..told me she wanted to take me to breakfast and spend the day with me. SURPRISE!!! How thoughtful and husband had been out of town and I thought it was going to be a somewhat lonely can you with such loving friends! (me in the green next to friend in the pink) b'day post about her coming up too!

Then the next day (my actual B'day) my son, DIL and twin g'sons came for the weekend! What a grand b'day that made with such cutie pies!

Nolan 20 months old

Asher 20 months old


My son decided he was going to make me a Birthday Breakfast of Pancakes.
Thus the pan CAKE... he wrote 51 which was NOT the correct year..YEA..and looked to say 21 so we all laughed and enjoyed my new way of celebrating..going BACKWARDS!

The little donut ball with part of our FAMILY BIRTHDAY TRADITION..I started when my children were young. Each birthday MORNING the SPECIAL person had a donut with candle to start the day..and one present to open.

This was soo cute, especially having the twins there to see Nana's clown and sing!

SWISS FONDUE...every one's favorite for SPECIAL dinners!

My husband was so sorry to have to be gone on a business trip..but my children and friends filled in and made it truly a remarkably special time.

The blessings didn't stop will post more ...again.

Thank you LORD for your blessings on me...for friendships true and pure...and wonderful family love!

Thank you for stopping by and reading of the blessings..

I share on THIS IS THE DAY...

May HIS blessings continue to come to you..too!


Maxine said...

Oh Hope! What beautiful pictures and so thankful for your sweet blessings. Aren't grandchildren the best and you have darling ones!!

Thanks for your visit to my Scraps blog today. So nice hearing from you and keep pressing on!

Perspective said...

I am happy to hear that the Lord filled your life with so mny extra special blessings this month!

Barbara said...

What a wonderful surprise and belated Birthday greetings.

Aliene said...

What a nice birthday! I can't imagine anything like that. Usually it is just another day for me. My son does call but it would be nice to see the children and grandchildren.
Seems everyone is so busy. Happy belated birthday. Hope your knee is better. Blessings,my friend.