Monday, August 27, 2012


This is where the lightning entered our the East front end looking at my house it traveled...who knows where...and then came out...


and here is a close up ... looks like a knife was pounded into the sheet rock

This is where the HUGE FLASH into my living room came out...

God in his GRACIOUS CARE...not one thing on fire..or even singed..amazing. Especially with some of the accounts I have heard of with Lightning!!

We are so thankful and fortunate....still have some of the "conveniences" to work out....back to watering lawn with move able sprinkler...opening garage door to go in and out...FINALLY telephone and Internet usage!

A few light bulbs out...and a few receptacles.

How fridge is sewing machine.....

HOW we do take things for granted...BE THANKFUL ALWAYS!!!

As DAVID says over and over in his Psalms.

O give thanks unto the LORD!

Be Merciful unto me.


Praise YE the LORD!




Pam--in America said...

WOW! Praise God for his loving protection!

Sandra said...

Thank the Lord he kept you safe. We get a LOT of lightening storms here and I don't like them. One hit two weeks ago and knocked all the phone lines, computers and equipment out at our local hospital. They didn't have phones for a week. said...

For sure the Praises go to the Father. For protection he gave you and also for the appliances you still can use after all that.

We get the black outs for hours that knock out use of electricity in Canada.